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Improving the quality of tourism service culture and tourism 7 task is put forward

Date: 2019-02-08

Media 28 understands from culture and tourism, in order to further improve the tourism management service level, improve the quality of tourism, and promote the development of high quality tourism, culture and tourism has printed and distributed to the guidance on the implementation of tourism service quality improvement plan ".

Guidance is focused on the main problems of current tourism service quality, has been clear about the promotion of tourism service quality guiding ideology, basic principles, development goals, major tasks and safeguard measures.Put forward to 2020, to promote tourism services together to further enhance the quality promotion policy, further standardize the market order, comfort travel further ascension, tourism market environment and further improve the consumption environment, tourism services become the most important representatives of China's service, make positive contributions to the quality of power construction.

Guidance around to solve the key problems affecting the masses of tourists travel experience and the main contradictions, put forward the increasing point of tourist service level, optimize the tourism accommodation services, improve service levels, standardization of online travel agency management services, enhancing professional ability of tour guide and the leader, enhance the capacity of the tourism market order management, establish and improve tourism credit system and so on 7 task, demanding that the government should strengthen and improve the market regulation, market main body to carry out the principal responsibility, industry organizations to give play to the role of coordinating role and lead the industry standard, the individual level to improve staff quality and business ability.

Put forward guidance, to strengthen organization and leadership, standard construction, policy support and effect assessment, with particular emphasis on to promote tourism standards, help the masses of tourists understand the level of quality tourism services and standards, to strengthen supervision and ability, reversed transmission tour operators improve service quality.In terms of policy guarantee, will emphasize tourism service quality education into the education training system, guide the tourism service quality education network is established.